L’Hôtel Particulier de Montmartre

Posted on Thu, 27 Mar 2008 by KiM

L’hôtel Particulier de Montmartre is an incredible hotel in Paris. It’s actually a townhouse consisting of 5 luxury suites that are each 45 to 80 square metres, and each one is designed by a renowned artist. There’s the “Tree with ears” room, the “Vegetal room”, the “Curtain of hair” room, the “Poems and hats” room and the “Vitrine room”. And OMG, the salons are to die for – filled with mid-century classics. What an experience it would be to spend a night here.

Book me a room I’m on my way.

oh my god, don’t you just want to move to Paris, like, RIGHT NOW??? These images are gorgeous!!

In a word…totally, unbelievably, amazingly fantastabulicious!!! Alright…I know…I just couldn’t help myself 🙂

Looks like those Parisians are finally starting to nail down that whole “style” thing, huh? 😉

(Right there with ya’, Jess!)

Gorgeous!! I’m pretty sure this hotel was featured in the Sept. 2007 issue of Vouge, right? I remember wishing they had printed interior shots, so thank you!!

orangered says:

pics 4 + 5, the Vegetal? room…
freaking amazing, now we know where to hope to stay if ever in Paris….

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