The epitome of good taste (70s that is)

Posted on Mon, 31 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

Retro time again and this week I am flicking through the pages of a must have design book from the 70s. How to Decorate Without a Decorator, A Realistic Guide to Interior Design by Mary Gilliatt, Thames and Hudson, London, 1977. Even now it has the feel of a quality tome. Big glossy pages and pictures from the homes of the rich and famous. How could it be anything but the height of good taste if it was by one of London’s leading decorators? This is just the first of many plundered, I mean scanned, forays into Mary’s world. I draw your attention in particular to the what appears to be upholstered truck tire seating (eek!), the graphic dominoes (sigh!) and the salon standard wall mounted hair dryer above the world’s grooviest chair (OMG!).

sofablog says:

How bad is it, if I really like some of those rooms and ideas? I just love all the big floor cushions and unusual seating. Very cool! Claudia

Claudia it’s not bad at all! Wait to you see the other scans I have 🙂

kim. says:

I agree that these aren’t bad…EXCEPT the upholstered tractor tires. ?????

I had a few of Mary’s books and some of her stuff was to die for! Other rooms were very dated. C’est la vie!

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