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2 days down and 2 to go! Keeping up OK? Here’s your next installment. I’ve finished my eggs and it’s time to demolish the chocolate bunnies. Just remember the secret is to pace yourself… on blogs that is not bunnies!

From this to this

Posted on Sat, 22 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

Do you have any weekend projects on the go? I planned to spray this thrift shop frame a bright sunny yellow and ditch the shell “painting” inside. I changed my mind after a coat of white paint. If the easter eggs are making you hyper then a little weekend project might be just what the doctor (or more importantly the nutritionist) ordered.

Easter reading guide part 2

Posted on Sat, 22 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

Still with us? Haven’t overdosed yet? Put that chocolate easter egg down and pull yourself up to the computer desk. It’s time for part 2 of of the blogorama party. Without any further ado let’s feast!

Closet ideas

Posted on Fri, 21 Mar 2008 by KiM

I’m puttering about my house today, cleaning and rearranging furniture (see my Flickr photos for that). At one point I happened to be IMing with my “mother-in-law” and I mentionned that I’ve been thinking about tearing out the closet in my bedroom since I don’t really use it (I use the second bedroom as a dressing room and it has a decent size closet). She, being the intelligent person that she is, mentionned how that wouldn’t be such a great idea for resale. Sometimes I like to forget about resale and think about ME, but she had a point. She then sent me these photos she scanned from the magazine she was reading, because she had thought of our conversation about closets. This got me thinking. I’m still leaning towards getting rid of the closet, but these are GREAT ideas and got my creative juices flowing. So if you’re doing some spring cleaning too, and have a closet that just collects junk, why not turn it into a cute little office space? Or even a little reading niche?

Photos from April issue of Ladies Home Journal

Easter reading guide part 1

Posted on Fri, 21 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

4 days! 4 days without your favourite blogs! What are you going to do? There is always the satisfaction gained from stuffing your face with easter eggs but Desire to Inspire is here to save you from the calorie overload. Yes it’s part one of our holiday reading guide. Over the long weekend we’ll post not one but 4 reading guides. Close to 80 blogs to gorge on. It’s the usual story. Some I’ve been reading for a while, others I’ve just found. Some are bigger than others (let’s call it a celebration of the little guys and the not so little guys who are well on their way). Some aren’t in English and some aren’t completely about interior design or decoration. All have lots of archives to plunder. Good luck and if you overdose on blogs I hear that chocolate bunnies are a proven antidote.

If all 4 of these guides aren’t enough to satiate your blog addiction this long weekend then check out our earlier guides here.