Callas Shortridge Architects

Posted on Tue, 8 Apr 2008 by KiM

“The work of our firm is built upon a series of oppositions that are meant to set up a dynamic tension: privacy and exposure, light and shadow, mass and plane. The site inspires the form. Through a careful response to its orientation, context and topography, we allow each design to evolve naturally from the character of its site. The ground anchors the design while the roof acts as a counterbalance unfolding above the landscape.” Such wonderfully thought-out spaces and beautiful materials. I’m officially wowed.

Photos from Callas Shortridge Architects

Woow, så fina hem du visar..tänk att ha det sååå!!

Ha en skön vecka!!
~~* W I T H ♥ L O V E *~~

Peggy says:

Fascinating. Love the repetitive, with slight variations, paintings of pears and gloved hands.

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