Summer could not come fast enough

Posted on Tue, 8 Apr 2008 by KiM

I hate winter. Always have. Every winter I wonder what in the bloody hell I live in Ottawa for. This winter was especially bad. VERY. VERY. BAD. Hence my excitement that spring has finally arrived. Spring and summer mean more than just warm weather. It means having more spaces to decorate. 🙂 I posted about the rattan patio set I just picked up, which is a great start to my backyard space. I thought I’d go through my photo stash and see if I could find some inspiration for everyone in my shoes who is just dying to get started outdoors.

Apartment Therapy Domino
Living Etc. Thom Filicia
Donna Griffith Carl Dahlstedt
Alun Callender Lynn Morgan
PointClickHome Sunset Magazine
Virinia MacDonald Elle Decor Italia
Elle Decor Italia Stacey Brandford
Sunset Magazine House Beautiful

Kathy says:

Ahh… soon the weather will be warm enough to be outside! Glad to see outside inspiration… much needed!

Wonderful post….Dreaming of summer already!!!

No kidding! I just did a similar theme post as well. Spring can not come soon enough in New England, either!

stacy says:

the thought of sitting at dusk on a patio sounds perfect. If only it wasn’t 40 degrees outside.

katiedid says:

I could spend alot of time in any of these spaces. Sigh.

Peggy says:

I won’t have an outdoor area to decorate, but I am still looking forward to Spring and Summer. It seems I hate winter more and more. I struggled this year, and it’s not as bad here in Ohio as it is in Ottawa!

Lynne says:

i am so ready to get out into my garden! it snowed here today!

eric says:

this post made me so happy. i can’t wait to start work on my deck.

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