Dog on a chair…and an interview

Posted on Wed, 9 Apr 2008 by KiM

Claudia of sofa blog emailed with a link to the cutest photo I’ve ever seen. It’s one of my favourite chairs with one of my favourite dogs. Too cute for words, really. (Thx Claudia!)

And thanks to Shauntelle for posting this interview of me on her blog A Beautiful Abode.


Anonymous says:

That picture is UNREAL! And fantastic interview Kim!


haha such a cutie!

Anke says:

this is killing me! just look at that belly! cute cute!

Anonymous says:

That poor dog.

I hope that’s photoshopped 🙂

bkhdesign says:

that picture is fabulous,
too adorable.

mandco says:

Oh gos that is seriously cute!! Love pugs!

thombeau says:


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