A FANTASTIC mail day!

Posted on Thu, 10 Apr 2008 by KiM

Today was one of the greatest mail days EVER!! Stuck between my screen door and front door were 2 packages that I had totally forgotten about. It was the 3 bargello pillows I won on eBay. I have developped quite an obsession for these pillows, and now own 8 of them. They are so colourful and vintage-retro looking. Perfect to hide the not so great colour of my vintage sofa.

I saved the best for last. I finally broke down and bought a cowhide rug, also on eBay, for my living room. I really wanted a “shapeless” rug because I had tried a couple of rectangular ones and they made the room look too small. It ended up being just under $200 including shipping and it arrived in less than a week. The cats love it too. Now I am for sure going to get a zebra one for my dressing room. (And no, I haven’t had time to get my chairs upholstered yet).

Yey! Loving the pillows. The colour mix is fab. What can I say about the hide!!!

Sol says:

I am not a fan of those pillows per se but they totally rock on your sofa, which by the way isn’t bad at all. The style of your living room is so engaging.

kim. says:

Thanks everyone. Now I’m on the hunt for a coffee table. Must be glass/lucite so you can see the gorgeous rug through it.

Hi Kim!Looovvee your apartment!!! I've been dying for a cow hide rug for years – you made me want one more!!
Thought of this coffee table when you said glass – modern retro- i love it! And it would match your cushions!! From one of my favorites – twentytwentyone!

julia says:

Kim, muffy has ruined a couple of pillows with her nails.

kim. says:

That is one awesome table Lauren! Unfortunately I have a whole house to redo so I am working with not much $$$. I found a simple glass one at Structube I may pick up.

And Julia, what the hell is Muffy doing on your pillows??

julia says:

When Muffy goes to curl up on the couch and there is a pillow next to her she stretches and the nails come out…

phoenix says:

I love those pillows! THey’re so cheerful. 🙂

Diana says:

Your blog is my absolute favorite, but I feel I must speak up. Hide rugs are disturbing and absurd. It is like peeling your cat and nailing it to the wall because the cat is so cute. Even if you are not an animal lover, save your house. After a few years, the oils in the skins will create stains on your walls and floors and make your house really stink. I had a family heirloom crocodile skin that I finally gave away for that reason.

kim. says:

Not an animal lover??? I have 5 cats. And this hide is so over-processed it’s not going to stink up my house because I hardly believe it’s real. Thanks for the tips though. I’ll keep an eye out on my floor.

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