Posted on Mon, 14 Apr 2008 by midcenturyjo

OK it’s time for our last installment from that guide to good taste in the 70s How to Decorate Without a Decorator, A Realistic Guide to Interior Design by Mary Gilliatt, Thames and Hudson, London, 1977. Mary seems to not have survived the test of time with a few of these. Hey! That’s what these posts are all about – inspiration and the occasional “OMG what were they thinking of?!!” Enjoy!

kim. says:

These are pretty bad, but I do love a few chairs scattered throughout and the lantern in the last one is pretty.

Phoe says:

I actually like quite a few of those. Particularly all the greens. It’s a nice change from stark modernism, really. Not that I could live in a house like that but it’s nice to SEE.

That staircase makes me want to kill myself. And others.

jawcey says:

LOVE the lantern in the last photo…

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