“My name is T.S.A. and I am a thrift store addict”

Posted on Wed, 16 Apr 2008 by midcenturyjo

Kim and I love Flickr not just for the great inspiration but also for the interesting people we meet. Thrift Store Addict is one such Flickr member. Thrift Store Addict, let’s call him T.S.A., is exactly what his name implies – someone who spends their spare time haunting local thrift stores searching for interesting finds. T.S.A. has taken it one step further though. He has furnished his apartment with retro finds from the 50s, 60s and 70s and he never pays more than a couple of dollars for each piece! His Flickr pages are filled with his thrift shop treasures and we have slowly seen his living room change over the months as new pieces are incorporated. As you can tell from the photos he likes to swap things out. Nothing is “precious” except that it is because T.S.A. has found it, researched it and shared it with others. Some may just see clutter. Others will see funky finds and a commitment to a “green” ethic of reuse. I see a groovy bachelor pad.

P.S I must warn you though T.S.A. is addictive himself. A totally charming guy! Oh and an update…the T.S.A. etsy store is coming. Seems like his closets are groaning with goodies and he has to off load some loot. We’ll keep you informed.

Lori says:

OMG so much cool “stuff”. I will be waiting for the etsy shop that’s for sure.

kim. says:

I’m always watching his photos for his latest finds, which seem to be a daily occurrence. He’s worse than Jo and I!!

Peggy says:

He’s one of my flickr users! I find his finds interesting and think he is such a cutie!

Sarah says:

He's a fantastic finder! I just love!

Yoli says:

I wonder if he would be able to part with that cute little owl in his kitchen? He is very saavy.

Even the furniture came from the thrift store? Is that Heywood Wakefield I see? I just added him as a contact on Flickr so I could keep up with his thrift store scores. Thanks for the awesome link!

TSA is always at the right place at the right time. I have never known anyone as fortunate as he as far as price goes. He can spot a deal from a State away. Definitely worthy of a blog post, so thanks.

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