Inspiration for a bathroom renovation

Posted on Thu, 17 Apr 2008 by KiM

We received an email from Pooja who is looking for some help with her bathroom: “my husband and i are planning a small bathroom renovation and are stuck for ideas. we know we would like to use subway tiles (as the building was built in the 1930s) and are scouring the web for inspiration. i’ve pulled a few photos from your blog for our contractor, but was hoping to inspire you to post a few ideas for us.” I found some subway tile photos but I also grabbed a few photos with other ideas, like painted wood paneling and square tiles for other options. Good luck with the renovation Pooja, and make sure to send us photos!

James Shanks Fisher Hart
Ifi Domino
Lagerlings Studio BFG
House and Garden Robert Couturier
Modern Living Jeff Andrews
Asberg Interior & Styling Emily Summers
Oprah Joan Roig

Great pics!

I love the studio BFG shot with the venetian mirror

pooja says:

thank you, kim! i am very inspired by several of the bathrooms that feature non-white tiles (blue, red, brown). i will *definitely* send you before and after pictures of our bathroom. stay tuned!

As I am currently choosing fittings and fixtures for 3 new bathrooms in our renovations you are an endless supply of inspiration, thanks. You are a daily addiction.

Govindan says:

wow this pics are awesome. i have really felt i love with the bathrooms and think of renovating my bathroom. in one of the above fashion.

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