Posted on Sun, 20 Apr 2008 by KiM

I was checking my emails this morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and read one from a couple who are from Ottawa currently living in Seattle. That had me intrigued, and when I went to check out their Etsy store, it was so cute I decided not to wait for a WINKS post for this one. Casey and Cheryl’s store is called TinyModernist, and they sell mid century style baby/kids clothing and accessories and do-it-yourself cross-stitch patterns for famous mid century chairs. The patterns are SO ADORABLE! This store is a must-see, and it’s making me glad my twin sister is pregnant again so I can pick up a couple things.

Anonymous says:

Cute, but I’d be shocked if they had permission from the Girard estate…

i totally LOVE those cross stitched images (especially the chairs on the bottom right)!


My best friend’s pregnant (and I don’t mean you Kim, I mean my best oldest friend in the “real” world) and those onsies are perfect. The little one’s dad is an architect 🙂

mauro says:

nice!! we made a kinda of this on http://www.unconfessableideas.com/home_black_arrow.html

for Mac lover

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