Christina Murphy and a room crush

Posted on Thu, 24 Apr 2008 by midcenturyjo

I almost called this post “If I were a room…” because it’s true. That gorgeous green nook makes my heart sing. Christina Murphy is one of the rising young guns of American interior design. Starting her career with Celerie Kemble her website is still in development with portfolio coming soon but the press section lets you choose pdfs of her work at Kemble Interiors so of course I had to include those until we get to see more when the website is finished. Hopefully that won’t be too long because I love the green room and can’t wait to see more!

Kia says:

My god how much inspiration you have found!!! I often visit your blog! Thanks a lot for all nice pictures and good links!

booboo says:

So classic and elegant. I cannot wait until there are more pictures on Christina’s website. Thank you Kim and Jo for all the inspiration!

That first pic is just so beautiful. I am re-thinking my whole color palette here.


Anonymous says:

those pictures are incredible. I just saw her in the last two issues of Domino magazine and she did the best job on this kitchen… this girl is on a tear!

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