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Posted on Sun, 27 Apr 2008 by midcenturyjo

Kim has a small rather bare backyard. We were only discussing the other day what to do with it now that summer has arrived. Normally on a Sunday Kim scours Flickr for inspiring finds and I thought I would do the same. After typing deck and garden into the search box I didn’t have to go far to find all the inspiration I needed. I found Checking their profile I discovered that they are one of the UK’s leading garden design companies. Not hard to see why. These are fabulous small space solutions with interesting hard landscaping and gorgeous plantings. With their designs the indoors and out meld seamlessly and “garden rooms” provide much needed extra space. Check out their website for cool before and after shots as well as plans for some of these gardens. I love Flickr finds don’t you?

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info says:

I just got back from Japan and really appreciate the green outdoor spaces. Great pictures!

Anonymous says:

Awesome post. again! Its like you know just what I need. 🙂

LilOrangeBook says:

Amazing! Absolutely loving this post!

Anonymous says:

There’s one in the middle that looks like it was done by The City Gardener. I love that show.

Thank you so much for this post!!!

Swoon! Thank you for posting these!

Michael says:

For a basic topiary design to add to your formal garden, try using techniques to coax smooth curves in your hedges, helping the shape of your garden to flow. Or, if you still have something that's got a lot of right angles and corners, start growing shapes at the corners to add decoration; think of the ornaments you see at the corners on fancy staircases and molding in structural Garden design.
By incorporating topiary into your formal garden design, you can take basic lines and create art, all adding up to a good-looking, green space in your home.
If you are looking for more info then consider the following:
1) The Bookstore – there are books on every topic, and they are typically more complete than the internet
2) Search Engines – Don't forget your search engines
3) Local stores – employees at specialty stores can be very helpful

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