Ben’s showcase house bathroom

Posted on Mon, 28 Apr 2008 by KiM

Well, it’s good to be back blogging (although what I should really be doing is sleeping) and of course Jo didn’t listen to me about not posting in my absence. OH WELL. She’s not a very good listener. So I worked ALL weekend, and the next 3 weeks or so will be slightly less chaotic. It was so nice to finally have time to check my emails, and I found a lovely surprise when I opened Ben‘s email. It included some amazing photos…I’ll let him explain:

“I am a new interior designer and have just completed my very first showcase house! I’d like to submit some photographs of a “faux bois bathroom” I just designed for this year’s San Francisco decorator showcase house. The inspiration was a trip through Sweden last summer where rooms were a dazzling mix of high and low end furniture. My goal was to create a very serene and ethereal space using a mix of styles — traditional & modern, formal & rustic. It’s a mix that can be hard to achieve, but produces spectacular results with the right balance. The room meant to be elegant but restrained. Very appropriate to the way we live today!”

These photos are going in my inspiration file right away. I have 2 bathrooms to renovate and this fits me to a T. Thanks Ben!!! (Click on them for super-sized version)

I also found these equally incredible photos on his website. WOW.

drey says:

hi kim! welcome back to bloggin 🙂 as always it’s inspirational!

Wow is right! Ben your are one super talented designer. Love it all.

kim. says:

Thanks Drey!

Bhavna says:

Welcome back! Hope your work is all done and over with!..for sometime atleast! 🙂

casapinka says:

WOW is right! Glad you’re back with your other half.

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