Nick Bowers

Posted on Wed, 30 Apr 2008 by KiM

I’ve been saying for ages now that I’d love to learn how to take better photos. Well, doing research for this blog and coming across so many fantastic photographers’ websites isn’t helping. My spare time is down to almost nothing – so taking a photography course is not in my near future. In the meantime I’ll drool over portfolios such as Nick Bowers and dream some more.

OMG I love this guy’s work. I’ve seen his work in Australian magazines so many times. LOVE!!!!

Tusset says:

I feel just the same, it would be wonderful to be able to capture anything even remotely similar to the photog. that you feature on you blog. (That is great btw!)

Fresh and clean. Love it!

wow, just fabulous !!!

karina says:


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