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Kitchen island lighting

Posted on Tue, 1 Apr 2008 by KiM

Jo posted some bathroom inspiration earlier today and now it’s time for kitchens. Heather wrote us recently looking for help with kitchen lighting:
“Kitchens are king. They are the both the heart of the house and give it soul. I am renovating a 110 year old townhouse in New York City and my future kitchen will have a center island, as most American kitchens have these days. I am stuck for lighting over the island. I have seen a million beautiful fixtures, antiques, industrial, and modern styled in addition to recessed (yuck); usually there are two or three pieces over the island lighting the area for eating or preparing food. I believe antique lighting over an island is current decor but I am interested in what is next so that my kitchen looks different but classic. Perhaps there is a throw back idea I have not seen. What are the other options for lighting this area? What do other countries do for lighting in the kitchen? Maybe something like lamp lighting. I don’t know, I just wonder what options are out there.” I personally LOVE vintage pendants over an island but there are many options. I’m not sure how feasible a lamp is, because they don’t direct light right onto the work surface like most pendants do. Chandeliers seem to be gaining in popularity, for some extra sparkle and glamour. Here are some photos to inspire Heather and anyone else looking for kitchen island lighting.

Bo Bedre House and Garden

Ghislaine Viñas Metropolitan Home

Fox Nahem Design Civility Design

Nicole Sassaman Woodson and Rummerfield

Ghislaine Viñas Jamo Associates

William McIntosh Diana Viñoly

Décormag Homes & Gardens

Michael Smith New York Magazine

When white tile is right tile

Posted on Tue, 1 Apr 2008 by midcenturyjo

“I’m Lucy from The Design Files in Melbourne… I am writing with a request for you guys… I am renovating my bathroom. It is on the small side and we’re doing a complete makeover (ie new EVERYTHING!) as it’s in a pretty bad state! We are also incorporating the laundry into the bathroom concealed behind cupboard doors. I need inspiration! Mainly I am torn when it comes to tiles – I am leaning towards dark charcoal tiles on the floor and white on the walls… but my partner says white is boring. I tend to agree but the room is small and I just feel it would brighten it up and make it feel bigger. Blah. I would love some inspiration if you have time to round up some images of contemporary bathrooms!!!” Lucy I thought I’d start with some white tile bathrooms, all small and contemporary, not always with dark floors but all very affordable and stylish. Give me a break though. It took me forever to find enough pictures. All my files are stuffed with colour! More of those in the future. Today it’s all about white is right!

Lisa Cohen Photographer Wolveridge Architects
Bolig Magasinet ifi.no
Modern Living Luce Et Studio
Cossman Debruyn Hulya Kolabas Photography
James Shanks Photography Stargo
Pappas Miron Lucinda Symons Photography