Colouring in for grown ups

Posted on Mon, 5 May 2008 by midcenturyjo

Scape Interiors is the fun and fab idea of Andrew Fedrigo. Are you one of those kids who always managed to colour outside the lines in your favourite colouring in book growing up? Scape Interiors lets you ALWAYS colour in between the lines with an interactive ‘colour your own’ contemporary canvas design system. Their new online store is a celebration of colour, pattern and typography and you can personalise and colour any of the 25 designs available online without one single colouring in boo boo. I’ve been lost in colour combos while playing on their site. Once an order is received your design is printed, framed and shipped to your front door. Love the no brand cans!

kim. says:

COOL! Wish I had time to check it out before heading to work.

I am one an “outside the lines” person, for sure. Love this idea!

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