Bruce Bolander

Posted on Thu, 8 May 2008 by KiM

Bruce Bolander meet mid-century modern. Mid-century modern, meet Bruce Bolander. Things I dig about the following photos from this architect’s portfolio: the lime green kitchen (who knew?!), the 3 person vintage sink, the innovative towel hooks, and all of the chairs.

Sam says:

That limegreen kitchen has got to be my favouritest favourite room EVAH. Isn`t it FABULOUS?
*Must control impulse to run out and buy limegreen paint… must resist temptatioooon.*

karina says:

I love the first picture,I need red around me, but right now I just want a yellow chair!

Love the colors.

Siw H. says:

nice blogg, the green kitchen is great

Am I too late to say I want the green kitchen too? Beautiful midcentury feel and has anyone noticed the screen behind the bed?

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