A tale of two houses

Posted on Fri, 9 May 2008 by midcenturyjo

I thought I’d share two houses for sale only a few kilometres from each other, both beach houses, both totally out of most peoples reach (multimillion dollar price tags). One is a stylish beachfront holiday “shack” with family friendly feel and a knockout view. The other is an über stylish deepwater mooring canal home which just oozes glamour and high end finishes. My question – if you won the lottery which one would you choose as your holiday getaway? (Click for a closer look.)

In the red corner…

And in the blue corner…

kim. says:

I’d say the second one – it’s a “look at me, I have arrived” house. I’m going to dream about it all day.

oh the first one…………definitely….relaxed, beachy, earthy, comfy……definitely the first.

Anonymous says:

The first. I love wood and white. And the ocean. Great house.

Red, red, red! The second one is beautiful but so not relaxing. I’d feel like I was staying at a hip hotel. The first one… so relaxing…I can picture the cool breezes coming in through the louvered doors.

karina says:

The first one!!!!

Charlie says:

I love them both! I love the sea views and the colors…O.K. the second one! Love your real estate finds!


Wait, which one is the shack? Ha ha.

I’ll vote for the first one!

Interior design always looks better when you have a beautiful ocean view.

Cybelle says:

The first one. If I’m going to the beach to relax, I don’t want to stress about the carpet or the shinny table top.

I like when it feels homy but still stylish.

JHAYNE says:

i’d have to say i’m in the ‘red corner.’ just so calm and relaxing!

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