Alda Pereira

Posted on Tue, 13 May 2008 by KiM

Alda Pereira is based in Vancouver and she is an unbelievably talented interior designer. I adore her style – refined modern with bold hits of colour, graphic artwork, and to-die-for furnishings. It’s young and hip and simply fabulous. And I love it. LOVE IT.

JHAYNE says:

just beautiful. i agree, her style is very much what i would want for my own place.

Gorgeous! Very modern with a MC twist. Also very you Kim!

Alexandra says:

I agree with you. Alda’s style is very refined, sophisticated, elegant and mature. I like the airy feeling she creates in all the rooms you showed.
Great post, thanks

kent lins says:

I am spraying a metallic finish in a powder room of one of her clients. In person she is everything other commenters use to describe her designs projects, refined sophisticated, elegant, and both youthful and mature.

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