Flea market scores

Posted on Sun, 18 May 2008 by KiM

I just got back from the flea market, which is REALLY crappy and the only one we have here. But I managed to score, big time. I think Jo and I are starting a peacock chair collection – not that either of us have room for several of these chairs in our small spaces, but when you spot a really decent quality one for TWELVE dollars, you’ve just got to scoop it up. Which is exactly what I did. I also picked up 2 terracotta buddha heads for my backyard for $10 each, a brass peacock for $5, a brass vase for $7, a West German vase for $15, and a painting for $6. All in a morning’s work.

Hilarious! As the only 2 people in the world who want these chairs it’s our mission to save as many as we can. Can’t stop laughing over our addiction!

another Kim says:

I haven’t lived in Ottawa long, so I’m wondering where the flea market is that you’ve visited. Can the one in Stittsville really be the only one around? (I’m looking for a peacock chair myself.)

kim. says:

Another Kim, Stittsville is all we’ve got. SAD. There is a peacock chair at Chanpagne dit Lambert on Bank. St. (in their basement) for $65. It’s a good quality one too.

Jo – I seem to collect peacock chairs and cats. Unfortunately I have more cats than chairs.

wonderful finds… i did my little yard sale search on sat. morn.. about 1 min from my house i stumbled accross an amazing one and totally blew my budget for the day.. but that is how it goes.. hahaa

I think of you every time I see one on ebay…….love the peacock !!!

phoenix says:

I love the peacock too! And your collection of coloured jugs and vases is beautiful!

Peggy says:

Love the Buddha heads!

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