Homes in Atlanta

Posted on Tue, 20 May 2008 by KiM

While perusing the internet, I found many photos of lovely homes in Atlanta, from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. I adore the first photo (I love any room with a faux zebra rug – so glam)…and the second…and the third…the fourth too…

Ooooooh Sothern Style. Gorgeous!!! That bunk room is so much fun!

Great rooms! That bunk room is SOOO cute!


I am freaking out looking at this whole blog. It's beautiful!!! I am posting a link to and entry about it on my blog

Suzy says:

Love that 2nd image (top right) – I’m opting for a similar look in my new place.

orangered says:

lovely stuff, right?
yes, that bunk room is out of control!
what’s up with those people?
for kids?
sublime, so cool!

I really enjoy your blog and look out for design inspiration for my own home. It still and probably forever will be a work in progress. Anyway, I have been seeing the oriental chairs depicted in picture no. 14 (the dining room) in a lot of other design sites and magazines. What are those chairs called? I would love to have those in my home as either two odd chairs, or as dining chairs like the photo. They are fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hi the knittymommy! They are Chinese yokeback chairs based on a traditional Chinese design. A lot that you see in magazines are the real deal from the 18th or 19th centuries but modern reproductions are available. And I know what you mean about a work in progress!

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