Ruy Teixeira

Posted on Tue, 20 May 2008 by midcenturyjo

Brazilian born Italian based photographer Ruy Teixeira’s work has a poetic element that is not often captured through a lens. His understanding of and respect for the design he shoots is obvious. His portfolio is mind blowing not just his houses but his amazing collection of portraits of the world’s leading designers. This is just a taste. Vibrant, exuberant and empathic, three words I use to describe his work. One word? Fabulous!

JHAYNE says:

just incredible! i can’t stop staring at the second one down, with the spiral stair and the chair placed in the circular opening. i’m also super curious about the rainbow-colored siding? i’d love to see a picture of the entire thing.

Fabulous pictures! The picture with the black spiral staircase and turquoise doors are incredible. I am loving the circle-looking entrance to the room. I have never seen this before! Hope you dont mind but I am going to borrow this picture to put on my blog and I will link you back thanks-

Anonymous says:

omg, amazing!!
these are some charged images….thanks!

i think this collection of photos are some of the best you’ve ever posted. every single one was absolutely breathtaking…when you happen upon an amazing interior, do you get that heart-in-the-throat feeling, like when you see a crush? cause i do…these just made me giddy.

Yes I get that feeling every time I find an amazing website. Have you been to check out the rest of his portfolio? Just too many wonderful photos. Almost too wonderful!

Jhayne there are more pics of that house on his website.

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