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Daphne wrote us with an interesting and common problem: “So, I have a happy dilemma, but a dilemma nonetheless. The BF and I are taking the plunge, and he’s in the process of moving in with me now. He’s pretty content to let me handle the decor, but I want him to feel like he lives here, too. So… rock posters? I need to see some inspiring photos of ways to keep a bedroom looking sophisticated and elegant with rock poster. Yikes. So far, I am thinking of painting room light gray and framing the posters with carved wood frames painted glossy black. Maybe it will be dramatic. Any ideas?”

For starters your idea is a good one. But I love grey walls and anything in a glossy black frame. Maybe these rock posters you have to deal with aren’t as bad as some of us may be imagining. But based on the fact that we don’t know what they look like, I have a couple of ideas and a bunch of photos that might help. I don’t think you can go wrong painting the walls dark, which would go with the hard edge of a rock poster, or you can glam it up using flocked wallpaper. If you don’t want to go dark, then just funk up the room with fun colours and textures, and make it a quirky, eclectic space where you’d expect the unexpected (like a rock poster…in a bedroom). A thin black frame is classic and would work as well as a wooden glossy black one too, or if the posters turn out to have some good colours you can use as accents in the room, maybe thin coloured frames, like yellow or red. P.S. I could only find one photo with a rock poster featured. 🙂

Kenneth Brown Style at Home
Elle Decoration Peter Rüssman
Alison Spear Wayne Vincent
Jeff Andrews Ngoc Minh Ngo
Greg Natale House to Home

karen says:

There are a lot of great rock posters out there that are inexpensive and much like art. I picked them out with my then boyfriend, now husband, and we were both happy because they were bands he liked with clean, cool designs. I suggest any of the artists on this list: especially people like The Small Stakes and Diana Sudyka.

I can’t believe I stumbled upon this entry — I’m having the EXACT same problem and this was so helpful!

Great solutions Kim! I agree that a lot of rock posters are pieces of art. The designs are often fabulous but let’s hope the posters are not Metallica or a whole heap of gansta rap with loads of bootie!!!

orangered says:

you’ve gotten me thinking evry place needs at least one black room.

any time you feature some deep dark dramatic (with a dollop of hot chintz) Greg Natale i get excited too

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