Butterfly effect

Posted on Fri, 23 May 2008 by midcenturyjo

Philippe Caillaud sent me a link to his blog Le Vol du Variable via a breathtaking image of butterflies. Clicking over I discovered that Phillippe is a French artist who works with plastic, paper and thousands of steel pins. According to my page translator his profile says “I am a contemporary artist who works around the lightness and soaring”. Kim would be better at translating as she speaks French. We haven’t featured artists very regularly lately and I just had to share. I’m dreaming of a hurricane spiral of butterflies on my dining room walls. Beautiful Phillippe, beautiful.

I love butterflies!

kim. says:

OMG!!!! Gorgeous!!!!

Wow these are beautiful! I love your blog..lots of eye candy!

IF+D says:

What a wonderful way to bring in art and texture to a home! Amazing!

Those butterflies are really cool! A good friend of mine is an artist that uses butterflies in her paintings. I will pass this article along to her. Good find!

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