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Posted on Mon, 26 May 2008 by midcenturyjo

Thought I’d share a quick photo of my weekend project. I’ve been rearranging one of my walls in my dining area (would love to say “room” but as a lot of you know 2 bedroom apartments don’t normally stretch to a separate dining room). Happy with this for the moment. On to the next project.

kim. says:

Tasha, Jo created the painting/collage. Isn’t she talented?!

Anonymous says:

Wow is right! Such an eclectic mix. Love the painting. Love the frames. Love the lamp. What does the rest of the area look like? More pictures please Ms Jo.

Amanda B.

Thanks everyone! It’ll probably stay like that for a short time and then I’ll change again. I’m a shocker like that. The collage is one of mine. It’s a work in progress.

Forgot to say that I did paint the legs Jordan. You know me and a piece of furniture. If it can’t run away then I paint it. The legs were a dark stain but were too dark for the area and with that huge black marble top it was all too heavy. I needed some red in the room too. Voila painted red base!

Claire says:

That painting is fantastic!

Susie says:

Where did you get those white frames? I think I really really need them 🙂

pia says:

now hang on, do my eyes deceive me or does your beautiful artwork say ‘my heart wanders’?!! Jo jo jo, it is unreal! are you going to send me photos of it or just tease me with this one? I love this Jo, how cool does it look with that lampshade and the frames, it’s all awesome. you rock.

If I had a decent camera or more importantly if I could take a decent picture I would. I am a hopeless photographer. When I was creating it on Saturday I was trying to think of some words to go with the idea I was working on and your phrase just popped into my head Pia 🙂 Thanks Claire and Susie the frames are vintage and I’ve had them forever!

eric says:

jo, i have to add my voice to the chorus and say i am so continually impressed by your eye. i have “jo’s place” bookmarked. you need to help me out with my new place.

Eric thanks 🙂 Of course I’ll help with your new place. Wait to you see what I have in mind for my sofa!

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