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Posted on Fri, 30 May 2008 by KiM

Janine wrote us with a particular request: “With all the creativity in modern design–angles, curves, patterns, and textures–why do the shapes of area rugs always seem to be rectangular? I’m looking for an interestingly shaped rug, something asymmetrical perhaps. I have, of course, seen nicely shaped animal hide rugs and would love to find photographs using that idea but, please, not striped or spotted. Seen anything like that?” After searching through MANY photographs to find non-rectangular rugs, I came up with only round and animal hide. But considering all the different colours of animal rugs you can get these days, I think that’s a great option. I bought one for my living room because it’s such a small and narrow space – rectangular would have made it seem even more narrow. And, well, rectangular is boring. I’m not sure why stripes and spots (my favs) are not an option for Janine, but here are some ideas…

Bolig Magasinet Ken Hayden
House Beautiful Alternative Design
Domino Santos-Diez
Pieter Estersohn Frances Janisch
Apartment Therapy Diamond Baratta Design
House of Pictures Inreda
Ken Hayden Skonahem
Studio Ilse Oak Management

zee says:

Hi Kim. I’m looking for some photographs of chairs on ceilings. Green ones. If you could post some examples, that would be great. Thanks.


kim. says:


I think I just peed my pants.

Is it rug day? Domino blog is writing about rugs too. I receive “to the trade” postcards about rugs too… I already did a rug day… I wish I would’ve read the memo and been fashionable… hmmm… next time 😉


Jo J says:

Not sure of the budget but has she tried CRONZ rugs? They are custom made in Christchurch, to suit your specific size, shape, structure and colour. A great Kiwi company. And no, I have no connection with them!

atticmag says:

One of my rug posts was about tufted rugs, and I came across surfboard shaped rugs.

Check out the Karim Rashid rug collection for some unusual shapes. Andy Warhol has a line of rugs that are quite abstract in design, though not shape.

The reason rugs are rectangular is because that is the shape of the looms.

I know I’ve seen some other rug collections in irregular shapes, but can’t recall what company it was. If you want more info, just drop me a note at my blog addy.


I know of Nani Marquina rugs in some interesting organic shapes. Check out

I am a custom rug artist who makes LOTS of interesting shaped rugs. that is my specialty.I too think that we don’t need to see more CORNERS in rooms. I almost always design curvalinear-ly for all my clients rooms!! Check me out!!

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