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Posted on Sat, 31 May 2008 by KiM

Zee left a comment on Friday’s rug request post that had me in stitches: “Hi Kim. I’m looking for some photographs of chairs on ceilings. Green ones. If you could post some examples, that would be great. Thanks.” Jo and I can always seem to find photos for reader’s request, even those made in fun, so thanks to Jo who found the following photo especially for Zee.

Photo via garagesailor

Julia says:

AS IF you found that Jo!!!

haha, that is so hilarious!

wow- that is majorly bizaro, haha

zee says:

Hee hee, no way! That’s dedication for ya!! Loving your work, both of you xx

drey says:

hey my husband is now into coffee big-time-i'm-a-fanatic… and he's now visiting this place regularly: Brother Baba Budan in Melbourne. It's a speciality coffee place and their shopfront is tiny tiny tiny. No chairs on the floor only a few small tall tables and the bar… BUT. There are 100s of chairs ON THEIR CEILING!
See here:

kim. says:

OMG drey that is such a cool idea!!!!

drey says:

i know! (hate to think of the layer of dust though!)

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