David Jimenez

Posted on Tue, 3 Jun 2008 by KiM

In my humble opinion, there is absolutely nothing more fabulous than mid-century modern and Hollywood regency. Pair these two styles (think Jonathan Adler) and I’m in heaven. PURE HEAVEN. My heart races when I come across portfolios as incredible as that of David Jimenez. I cannot believe Jo and I have not posted his work before. This genius of design has now made it to my top 5 list. His Palm Springs house, below, is something that dreams (mine anyway) are made of.

Ornit says:


Did I say that I really LOVE his work!

David I really like his work! It’s so elegant and modern. He does a great job!

Its appeal must be a girl thing – I look at it and see a unrelieved eyesore. The colours are too wan to play off each other, and to me the combination of yellows and whites is the visual equivalent of fingernails down a blackboard.

To continue the metaphor, it needs bass notes.

I love how touches of yellow make the rooms pop in an otherwise neutral space.

knitwit says:

Normally I would not be a fan because everything looks like it was purchased to match with everything else . . . and I’m not a shoes-match-the-earrings-match-the-bag kind of girl. But the actual architecture of this house, with the triangular upper windows, makes it lovely. Do we know who the architect was? So many of those PS houses were designed by major architects that it would be really interesting to find out.

drey says:

woohoo this is gorgeous, my kinda style! (with the additional mound of toys every few feet)

he’s amazing, isn’t he? I like his other (noon-yellow) work -as this looks so very Wearstler. But his flair is just ridiculously on-point. He’s a genius.

Anonymous says:

modern please…..seen it before. remember the 70’s?????

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