Posted on Tue, 3 Jun 2008 by KiM

Period is an interior design firm based in New York, and headed by Richard Livingston. “He is a master at orchestrating colors, textures, forms and materials, yet he has no signature style or all-purpose design playbook. Tired labels like “traditional” and “modern” don’t apply to his work. Livingston celebrates the plurality of contemporary taste: he draws on the past to enrich the present and anticipate the future.” Timeless neutral spaces, with stunning, substantial furnishings. Glorious.

Beautiful neutral palettes with natural textures. So calm and chic.

G&D says:

I’ve never met a drum shade I didn’t like, and these pics confirm that. Gorgeous spaces, and I just love the lighting!

The white kitchen with all the chandeliers hanging, that looks amazing! Also, the litte kitchen with the red stove. I really like that stove!

Mochatini says:

Wow! I love his work..thanks for introducing Period to us.
so accurately described “..he draws on the past to enrich the present and anticipate the future..”

Oh wow. I really like that mirror in the top photo, and both kitchens are exquisite. And the bottom right photo looks like a room I could live in for eternity. Great finds!

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