Buttrick Wong Architects

Posted on Mon, 9 Jun 2008 by KiM

On Friday I posted Julie’s incredible home and because the details in the architecture of her home was to-die-for, I had to go snooping around her architect’s website. I thought Jerome Buttrick was super-talented after getting a glimpse into Julie’s home, but I found out he’s even more talented than I thought! It’s modern, sustainable and warm with extraordinary attention to detail.

karina says:

The houses seems beautiful and easy to live in, the two things I am always looking for.

IF+D says:

You know, I was staying with a good friend not too long ago in their uber modern home which on the surface looks amazing. But as you stayed there and looked harder there were all these details overlooked. What an amazing home and how refreshing to see a modern architect really go that in depth with the design of even little details.

Ual!!!! So beatiful!!!!

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