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Posted on Tue, 10 Jun 2008 by KiM

Liisa from NY wrote the other day looking for ideas: “My next project is to fix a bedroom for my 11 year old twin girls. They start middle school next fall and I want to decorate our downstairs big (13 x 18 feet) bedroom for them. They have been sharing a room all their life and like to do so but now that they are getting into their teen years I would like to create some private space for each of them as well. The girls also like to do all kinds of projects so some sort of workstation is in plans. Any cool ideas?”

I love this request because I have an identical twin sister and while we had our own rooms growing up, we always insisted on having sleepovers every night in each other’s room. But then we each had our own room to decorate! (And I moved my furniture around every weekend, almost as frequently as I do now!) Hopefully the following photos will help give you some ideas of how to arrange the room and what style might work for the girls. I think if you put the beds at one end of the room, with curtains on hospital tracks between them so they can have privacy when they want, and then do one long desk on the other end with storage cubbies above to stash art/school supplies, that ought to keep them happy. 🙂

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ken says:

Your blog is wonderful. and as your title suggests…inspiring.

So much bedroom inspiration! Twins! You definitely have your hands full Liisa 🙂

And thanks Ken!

these are fantastic! I wouldn’t mind living in a few of them:)

belledame says:

she might also check this pro redesign of a two-teen room:,1793,HGTV_3367_4256070,00.html

See the other 2 ways to decorate & set-up an office behind the couch

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