Those Danes (and NOT Swedes)

Posted on Tue, 10 Jun 2008 by KiM

They sure know how to decorate….and take spectacular photos…

Images from Bolig Magasinet

Yoli says:

I AGREE!!!!!!!!! and how I love their sensibility.

That kitty photo is to die for.

Anonymous says:

That’s true, but this is a Danish woman and a Danish magazine. Denmark lies close to Sweden, but it’s not the same country 🙂

Apologies Denmark from Desire to Inspire 🙂 We love you too and yes Bolig Magasinet is a Danish magazine. We love all Scandinavian countries. We love Norway as well and we love Finland and Iceland I guess should be included and we love Greenland as part of Denmark and hang it we love the Baltic counries too and all of Eastern Europe well all of Europe actually and then there’s ……..

Please Denmark do not declare war on Desire to Inspire. After all the little prince is half Australian and I’m all Australian and I’m sure Kim can think of reasons to save Canada. Anyway I’ll leave that to Kim to rewrite the title and tell us how much she loves the Danes as well 🙂

iHanna says:

we’ll take credit (us swedes)! 🙂 the photos are amazing, and very scandinavian! 🙂 thanks for posting these

kim. says:

My apologies for the first title – but Jo, WTF??? LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! (for lack of anything else to say after Jo’s wacky comment)

karina says:

They have great interiors, I spent some time at their website but could not understand a simple word!

Wow, what a great find…thank you for sharing! What I love most are the little surprises like that disco ball, and I could live forever in that room of teal pillows. Oh, and the yellow shelf!!

Gitterd says:

Greetings from Denmark 🙂 I stubbled upon your blog today and love it. Other great Danish webpages to visit: og In Danish we have a word, that does not exist in any other language: Hygge. It means a mixture of coziness, comfort, autumn afternoons in front of the fireplace and quality time with friends and family. Maybe thats what makes us different.

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