Mid-century and marvelous!

Posted on Wed, 11 Jun 2008 by KiM

I found the following ranch home on the website of New York Spaces magazine and OH LA LA I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. It’s full of mid-century furnishings, it’s colourful, it’s quirky and I freaking LOVE IT. My favourite part is the front door – I have a similar door (but the inset carved squares run in a row down the center) and I’m itching to get some bold colours to paint it.

zee says:

Oh dreamy! That first image is so perfect. I look forward to seeing your door project!

Peggy says:

Man, that door is to die for. My favorite color scheme, pink and orange.

Great house! fabulous mc ideas without being a slave to the mc style.

orangered says:

thanks so much for featuring this.
the pink orange door, killer!
big alert for great sense of humor, i would love to have such neighbors!

Mer says:

This is super fun! I love the shag rug! I’ve been looking for a strong retro color like that yellow in their dining room. I wonder what it is…

knitwit says:

Amazing place. I swear we had almost the same front door when I was growing up. My mom “antiqued” it (remember antiquing?!?) with harvest gold paint and a brown stain rubbed over it to bring out the carving details on the inset panels. It was pretty groovy looking . . . especially since the house was green. Now that I think about it, that living room rug looks pretty familiar too!

drey says:

man what a fantastic door. so simple too, in application to what was before a bland wooden door with detailing that only now POPs! love it.

kim. says:

Unfortuntely when you paint a front door it’s kind of got to go with the colour of your house. Pink/orange won’t quite go with my beige-ish aluminum siding. Maybe I ought to try harvest gold and brown stain. 🙂

How well your paint colors work in your house depends so much on what you have in there … all of the photos have a lovely parallel with the paint color somewhere in the room (grey table with icy blue walls, yellow fruit in bowl with yellow wall, etc).

It’s a bit limiting, especially if you happen to want to eat green apples, or red nectarines at some stage! (John, you can’t buy those grapes, they won’t go with the walls!).

I think it’s better to try to incorporate plenty of color into your permanent fixtures (lights, curtains, etc) and leave ephemera out of it completely.

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