Oh no! More retro!

Posted on Mon, 16 Jun 2008 by midcenturyjo

Part 2 of our flipping through the pages of retro design book Inside Today’s Home, 4th Edition by Ray & Sarah Faulkner, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1975. Love these old images I truly do. Whether retro horrendous or classic design that stands the test of time I can’t get enough of old design books. Enjoy!

Jon says:

I grew up sitting on those leather and chrome chairs like the one in the left in photo #1.

Fact, my one and only coveralls ruined the leather as the sewing on the back of the coveralls scratched the leather. From that point on, my mom forbidded me from wearing these coveralls. So much for the coveralls, had such a short history with them.

Got any ideas of how to repair the scratches?!

AMR says:

My my! That first photo’s lounge chair brings back a delightful memory. 1978 and 12 year old me comfortably lounging on it in the back of a mustard-coloured van (seat belts weren’t the law then?), illegal boxes of grapefruit around me, heading back to Canada from Grandma & Grandpa’s place in Florida.
Yes, we “stole” their cool chair.

Jon ~ If those scratches aren’t too deep you indeed can repair them. Check if there’s a leather wholesaler near you, or a leather furniture store, but a raw leather wholesaler is better. They’re generally experts at working with and repairing leather.

kim. says:

I didn’t know you could repair leather. Figured it would need recovering. Good to know.

Illegal grapefruit? LOL

Jon says:

Amr, thanks for the tips! I appreciate.

Wow, illegal grapefruit?! I can’t imagine.

In Australia there are a number of businesses under the name of The Leather Doctor or The Vinyl Doctor fixing – you guessed it – leather and vinyl. With leather not deep scratches or cuts but definitely light scratches and colour problems.

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