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Posted on Mon, 16 Jun 2008 by midcenturyjo

Ami wrote in with a request. “I am trying to find photos of studies/home offices that incorporate old world maps. We’re trying to make our home office area into a old world study/library kinda like the ones with antiques maps, globes, big thick books…Indiana Jones-ish.Do you know where I can find such photos? I want to get some décor ideas.”

Well Ami I trawled through our files and came up with some map ideas. Not all are home offices and some are definitely not Indiana Jones (OK some are far removed from hunky archaeologist characters) but all are full of ideas for displaying maps. I personally love maps used as wallpaper or framed between two pieces of glass or acrylic to let the wall colour show through. Beautifully arranged grid patterns are also stunning (hard work to measure up though). I’ve included a range of styles here for all you map lovers out there and as you can see not all are exactly maps but I thought botanicals, flags and astronomy charts could be included at a pinch. Take an idea from here mix it with a look from there and maybe a colour from over there. Now you’re on your way!

Lauren Rubinstein Imagine this with map snippets!Mark Luscombe- Whyte
With maps! Steven Gambrel Robin Bell
Vogue Living Again Steven Gambrel and again with maps
Antoine Bootz Robin Bell
Ralph Lauren Zoldan Interiors
Steven Gambrel Location Works
Bombus Yes even Martha Stewart
pedalpower Chez Larsson

Emma says:

Tachen – Moroccan Interiors, might be helpful for that.

Nice blog, please have a read of mine in Marrakech.

stacy says:

That map chair is awesome!

Lucy says:

I am addicted to maps and globes and already have a collection that is way too large. Great ideas here. Thanks!

Awesome map roundup! I did a simlar post last week with a few more examples that don’t overlap with yours:

I’ve been saving that Cabinet of Natural Curiousities papered bathroom image for years now. Everytime I try to purge my files I hang onto that one – I just love it!

Nicola says:

Love your blog! Very inspirational interiors. I think you should have a look at Fresh Locations URL: they are another locations library but have some sweet places to view.

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