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Posted on Wed, 18 Jun 2008 by KiM

I was so pleased to receive an email from Summer Thornton the other day, because she is an interior designer from Chicago who has a fantastic portfolio I was dying to post photos from. Her firm, Summer Thornton Design, was “established to make the design process unpretentious, fun and fresh. Mixing high and low, rough and polished, classic and irreverent, her designs utilize contrast to engage the senses.” The majority of her work is focused on urban condos with moderate budgets. She tries to take a relaxed approach to design that is simple but still has elements of luxury. That ideal makes such incredibly appealing spaces.

Sara says:

I love the mix of yellow and gray – so chic. The accents of green/turquoise are perfect! Thanks Kim 🙂

Love this portfolio! great mix of pieces and clever ways to get a high end look with just a little high end fabric or wallpaper.

mandco says:

Beautiful! Love the casual elegance of her work! 🙂

God, I love this blog. So much. Lovely!

ericka says:

I heart all of these rooms…they are absolutely gorgeous!

Peggy says:

Love these colors. Also adore the filing cabinet used as an end table. Great idea.

I have a coffeshop in Hungary,and two mounth ago,we renoveted and..we use the same wallpaper that I see at this pictures.
I was the designer,and I use this with braun,and gold,(in another wallpaper,where the motive is also lotus),and a little black..for example black spagetti-curtain,and a beautiful black barroqk lampe.
I think,it was a good thinking,and my costums very like it. If somebody want to see,I could send photos about it…:)

kim. says:

Wow zytuscicus your shop sounds divine! We’d love to see photos!

Carlo says:

Good Job! 🙂

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