Laurie Steichen

Posted on Tue, 24 Jun 2008 by midcenturyjo

Casual, elegant interiors firmly based in the traditional style are the trademark of Laurie Steichen. This Californian designer captures the essence of lazy luxurious afternoons, that bewitched time between an afternoon of outdoor pursuits and the first cocktail before dinner. Intricate details and rich earthy fines are everywhere. Cocoon yourself in the simple sumptuousness.

stacy says:

I am always, always, always, stunned by your photos. You somehow find the best ones.

Anonymous says:

umm…thanks so much, “living-room-decoration” bot. if only all these wonderful designers would heed *your* advice…

I have deleted a comment from a constant spammer. This one stayed up long enough for anonymous to comment. I’ll just let you know “living-room-decoration” or swimming pools or whatever embedded link you use that you may stay up for a few hours before I get to you but you will be deleted every time. My apologies to the designer whose work you have ignored in your pursuit of self promotion.

Divana says:

Thank you so much!!
I have been studying Interior Design for a while (by correspondence) and am fascinated by it more and more..and a lot of it is due to your blog!
Love the rich and relaxed Steichen interiors..
Keep up the good work!
Regards from Croatia


Absolutely stunning. Laurie Steichen is my new favourite designer. Thank you for the introduction.

Anna 🙂

R Keeton says:

Your designs are unique in the way they convey the best of simplicity in form with complex color schemes. They engage the viewer and elevate our sense of well being.

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