Coffee table conundrum

Posted on Mon, 30 Jun 2008 by KiM

A reader wrote in wondering what to do for a coffee table and has a couple requirements – she doesn’t want 2 smaller tables and her other half doesn’t want glass. I’ve been in the same predicament for several months now, and can’t seem to find anything suitable, although I will probably go for glass or acrylic since my room is so small. I think coffee tables are a perfect place to add a little bit of the unexpected – a bit of colour, a different style to the rest of the space, a bit of quirkiness….you can really do anything. Since our reader already has a blend of styles in her living room – a sofa (contemporary casual – Crate and Barrel-like), chairs (modern), side table (antique mahogany parlor table), and lamp (Tiffany-style), then why not spice things up? I am loving Moroccan tea tables at the moment as a great way to inject a little bit of ethnicity. Or perhaps something Asian flavoured? Below are a wide range of styles for some ideas.

Lynn Morgan Sköna hem
Sköna hem Ted Yarwood
Jack Levy Rebecca Bradley
Jay Jeffers Country Home
Jeff Herron Gaelle Le Boulicaut
Domino Domino
Fotene Design Location Works
Andrea Larsson Aero Studios
Robert Stilin Urban Spaces
Cabinet Jean Louis Deniot Homes & Gardens

In a really small space, you could stack a couple of vintage suitcases.

Poppy says:

Sounds like she has alot going on in the room?? Is there a pic of the room, can we take a vote?

I LOVE a Saarinen oval marble top coffee table..

Poppy says:

Just found this blog…LOVE IT!!
I can’t get any work done today!

I’m an upholstered ottoman coffee table girl at the moment. It’s great as extra seating in a small place and if you like to put your feet up on the table (god forbid!) it’s extra comfy. I’m just about to mix it up with Saarinen side tables.

kim. says:

LOL – hope we don’t get you in trouble Poppy

And Jo, when in the h*ll are you getting your tulip tables? My jealousy is starting to brew already…

Pooja says:

Poppy – it does seem like a lot, doesn’t it? I promise it’s not – the room is large and all of our furniture is light (sits off the ground) and has clean lines. I just like lots of different styles of furniture – transitional, art deco, modern – and like to make it work.

midcenturyjo, I also like the idea of an upholstered ottoman, but that idea has also been vetoed by my better half. Le sigh.

Currently, we use a end-of-the-bed chest as our coffee table, but we’re moving that into the guest room. Kim, this gallery is wonderful – I really love several of the round tables (a shape I hadn’t thought of!)

Many thanks – and keep the ideas coming!

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