80s – good vs bad

Posted on Mon, 7 Jul 2008 by midcenturyjo

We’re still flicking through the pages of Cose & Case, Forme,colori,oggetti, nell’arredamento. Robin Guild, Euroclub Italia S.p.A.,Bergamo, 1980. Edizione Italiana. Oh the 80s! Remember the knotty pine? Remember the grey and salmon colours? The coolie shaped lampshades? OH NO the masses of dried flowers?

Ahh yes I remember it well, more was definitely more in the 80’s.

kim. says:

These photos aren’t as bad as I was expecting them to be. I think the worst is the first one. Dried flowers almost scare me.

Lisa says:

I actually like most of these quite a bit, except one: dinner plates in the bathroom. Who thought that was a good idea?!

Tracey says:

Wow- we actually just had a ton of stuff back in the 80s. All of the “stuff” balanced out the big hair and shoulder pads!

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