White hot

Posted on Tue, 8 Jul 2008 by KiM

I just can’t get enough of white. So here is more.

Photos by Bjarni B. Jacobsen & Anette Eckmann

Have I already said gorgeous? And great photographers!!

kristy says:

the white makes all the other colors pop. so simple and pretty.

Anonymous says:

Gorgeous… but… scroll through these spaces quickly and you discover that all these spaces, no matter who they belong to, look basically the same! The white furniture loses its uniqueness against the white walls/floors, the artfulness of the arrangements also blends in with the surroundigs and pretty soon all you see is the limited palette of color. I’ve never noticed this until scrolling through thsi blog

3mieszczanka says:

Ooooh, it’s amazing.

Peggy says:

P.S. Keep the white pictures coming!

this is yummy! i can’t get enough of the whiteness and the pops of cheerful colors. makes me so happy to look at them…. more more more

Poppy says:

I guess if you are gonna have white, you GOTTA have LIGHT!

paul says:

I love white spaces. Thanks for posting these – I’m in the process of buying my first flat and there’s going to be a lot of white space. I need inspiration.

Mandi says:

I love …love…love…..adorable

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