Posted on Mon, 14 Jul 2008 by KiM

I am a huge fan of colour, but the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles 2008 Designer Showhouse could not be any more neutral, and surprisingly, I love it. (The home combines the efforts of Keith Summerour of Summerour Architects and Nancy Pendergrast of Summerour Interiors in partnership with Beth Webb of Beth Webb Interiors). It’s so serene, easy on the eye and comfortable.

I am now suffering from a serious case of floor envy!

Noooooo damn you!! Now I have to start decorating my home AGAIN!

Ellie says:

Just wanted to pop in real quick and say hi. I’ve been shamelessly clipping photos from your gorgeous blog for weeks now; I figured the least I could do was say hello. =) Love everything about Desire to Inspire, and have found so much to build my design plan on.

Thanks for what you’ve done already, and thanks for what’s still to come!


Linda B. says:

…Think I need a cigarette. (and I don’t even smoke) Aaaaah

So nice and peaceful…although I would be tempted to throw in a few punches of color. Guess that’s what flowers are for.

karina says:

So calm.
Girls, you made an excellent work every time.
And I know It is not easy to do so many post.

kim. says:

Thanks Ellie and karina!

I think that a water feature would be perfect in this decor. Maybe a black slate wall mounted fountain. I love it!

Anonymous says:

the lake IS the water feature, duh.

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