The Modern House

Posted on Tue, 15 Jul 2008 by KiM

A reader named Finn emailed the other day to tell us about a website she and her friends love to check out – The Modern House. It’s an estate agency specializing in the sale of 20th and 21st century homes of architectural distinction across the UK. I went through several listings and picked out some of my favourite photographs. (Thanks Finn!)

I will have to explore more deeply their site. Do you recall anything about the house at the bottom left side? I like the layout of this house.

I posted about this very site just the other day. Fantastic London-based fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic’s house is for sale on there and it rocks! It’s called Lost House. Check it out. Designed by wowee UK architect David Adjaye.

Great site. I know where I’m spending a lot of time today.

Did anyone else notice the science lab-style gas burners in picture 6 that replace the traditional hotplates? They’re bizarre… and yet highly practical, as they can be cleared out of the way when not needed to create extra bench space. Genius!

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