Siskin Valls

Posted on Thu, 17 Jul 2008 by KiM

Paul Siskin of Siskin Valls Interior Design believes flexibility is fundamental. “My work is not exactly art in the sense that it has to function. I try to express what my clients want but often what they want are design fantasies. One aspect of my job is to bring them back to reality about the way they actually live.” He has no particular style to his designs, as all eras interest him. What I love about his diverse style is that he prefers to mix old furniture in modern spaces and modern furniture in old spaces.

sterin says:

Fantastically creative window treatments in several rooms.

Love your blog!

I love the quirky artisan furniture pieces in many of these and Sterin is right, the window treatments are so strong. The photo with the lovely large greenery is my fav.

Anonymous says:

Paul is amazing, and also so so funny– I’ve been reading his blog about building and designing his own home and it’s hilarious.

Looking at some of these pictures bring me back so many memories. To look at the desk in the office, that was such a great place to work at. The red wall dining room, I remember that job clearly. It looks great!
Keep up the funny blog, it is very entertaining.

Laura says:

I have always loved Paul’s work- each room and house are always different and inspirational. He really knows how to create a space that is light and grounding at the same time. Madeline J. Wolf

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