Take a piece off

Posted on Mon, 21 Jul 2008 by midcenturyjo

Remember the fashion/accessory/jewellery maxim of removing one piece before you leave the house? It sprang to mind as I landed at these house while real estate stalking. Bold use of colour and interesting art. High end furniture and fabulous finishes. Is it just me though or does this house need to “take a few pieces off”? Perhaps it just highlights how a professional photographer could have us all swooning about this home while a real estate agent just needs to fit it all in. What do you think?

brand-eye says:

that kitchen would give me a headache. those are all mirrors right?
i dig the rest of the house though. but the living room could stand to take a few accessories off.

That blue room looks like Carrie’s apartment in the Sex and The City movie! It is a little busy but I like the art in the bathroom xx

i am just glad to see some color. This all white trend is driving me nuts. It is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. although I wouldnt want to live in a turquoise and yellow room, it sure is nice to look at and did give me some ideas for my den. THANK YOU for the color post. As a photographer I love love love your blog.

kim. says:

That teal/turquoise and yellow room is so fresh and bright. Very daring. I am not fond of the mirrored backsplash and walls either.

Definitely the photographer makes all the difference. In the right hand this space would come across beautifully, these pics make it look garish. Made me stressed just looking at it.

I’m sure the mirror-lined kitchen seemed like a good idea at the time.

Sadly, however, it wasn’t. One mirror = clever visual extension of space. Many mirrors = vertigo.

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