Cat on a rug

Posted on Thu, 24 Jul 2008 by KiM

Thanks to Sandra for sending in this photo of her cat Schmoo (LOL!!) on a plastic rug made out of recycled coke bottles. I could use some plastic rugs – would make cleaning up cat puke a heck of a lot easier since they ALWAYS insist on aiming for rugs.

What a gorgeous photo! I love the cat’s shadow.

Anonymous says:

love the plant!

That cat is just the coolest. Love how you can only see one eye — just so weird.

karina says:

This is the kind of cat I like!!!!

I may have a new cat crush 🙂

Cybelle says:

My cat aims for the rugs too! Luckily I don’t have many rugs, and my little cotton ones are washable…

Why do they think the rugs’ the best place to regurgitate???

Bhavna says:

Love the perfectly tucked in tail! 🙂

That’s a beautiful photo of a lovely creature.

I’ve been trying to hunt down a plastic rug for a while and this is the prettiest I’ve seen. Do we know where it comes from?

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