Oeuf, at 2Modern

Posted on Sun, 27 Jul 2008 by KiM

My twin sister is graciously providing me with a second niece or nephew in November, and occasionally sends me links to baby furnishings and artwork for the nursery she’s setting up in her former guest bedroom. When I came across the Oeuf line at 2Modern, I had to show my sister as I was smitten with the clean modern lines. “Like the contours of its namesake, Oeuf™ is about simple, clean design applied to the necessities of a well-equipped nursery. Oeuf’s™ founders and designers, Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, are a French-American husband-and-wife team based in Brooklyn, New York. As part of a new generation of design-conscious and environmentally-aware parents, they realized they had to redesign everything themselves to merge their existing aesthetics with traditional nursery design. They believe strongly that while babies don’t need many items, they do need some essential pieces. Oeuf’s™ mission is to make those essentials practical and stylish, without compromising quality and safety – their top priority.” I’m so amazed at how cool kid’s furniture can be, thanks to the creativity of folks like those at Oeuf.

sherri says:

almost makes me want to get knocked up again. almost.

kim. says:


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