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Posted on Sun, 3 Aug 2008 by KiM

This is a 4 day weekend for my boyfriend and I, so I roped him into helping me redo my staircase. I’m refacing the existing totally gross stairs with new wood treads and risers that I bought unfinished, and I’m painting them white. Smart me, I’m painting them BEFORE we attach them because OMG, what would I do with 6 cats and a wet staircase. So hopefully this week or next weekend I’ll have a finished product to show you. In the meantime, here’s a before photo, and some other stairs I found on Flickr to get me in the mood to go give them a second coat.

anjie GtrGeorge
ooh_food nestdecorating
flotsam/jetsam zeehomebug
eschlabach orax_2112
Nicola Pohl Davey brodenem
unaesthetic gregorywjohnson
Edinlink for Joke!
skinnylatte pocketmoonmachine
Zidouta 47project

tuntra says:

amazing. I wish we had more stairs in my house to decorate.

lsaspacey says:

After looking at your inspiration pictures, I wonder why you decided to go with white instead of a color or a combination of colors?

G+D says:

Gorgeous inspiration pics! GL with finishing yours! Will you be keeping the banister b&w?

kim. says:

Isaspacey, my stairs are really narrow, well the whole house is at 12 ft, so I want to paint all my floors white, including the stairs, to make the place look bigger. I was thinking of painting a runner down them but again, I think they’re too narrow for that to look good.

G+D, I painted the railing with stripes a few months ago but I hate it. The white is not white enough, and the black bled alot through the tape. And I think if I get a new one and paint it white or the pale grey of the wall, it will look better.

Diane says:

Well I have stairs — and except for the color purple at the top of them (the wall that is) they are quite boring so now I have some great ideas — thank you

Forget about the stairs. I want that ceiling!!!!

Awesome super fun post!!!! Stairs are the best.

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