Joey Horton

Posted on Tue, 5 Aug 2008 by KiM

That’s it, I’m moving south. When I came across this fabulously beachy South Beach apartment designed by New York based Joey Horton, I started packing. It’s so comfortable but modern. All the white and white-washed and timber furniture is so relaxing. Perfect for a place on the beach.

I love the kitchen. The hints of blue everywhere are perfect!

JHAYNE says:

come on down! well, south beach would still be south for me, too. this place looks about near perfect to what i would want in a beach home.

Jeannine says:

Reading this from my office on an overcast, muggy day is almost cruel. Oh, to be in such a lovely, relaxing space right now…

I love that this is about the size of my apartment. So many ideas here.

G+D says:

Wow. Stunning. I love all the white.

Peggy says:

I adore it! Love, love, love all the white vases.

wow……’s amazing….wonder if she has children ???

orangered says:

the table jungle, its shapes, and the oversized pieces are some of the most clever things i’ve ever seen…it elevates white and neutral, soothing, sophisticated to playful genius i think; thank you—this is one of the most satisfying and inspiring posts and apartments ever.

Anonymous says:

The design is classic and classy and the white with wood and the kitchen really speaks for the designers talent. Fantastic — it makes me want to have a place in Florida.

Anonymous says:

It’s one thing seeing the pictures and another thing in real life!!! I have been one of the lucky ones to have seen the real thing.
It’s absolutely stunning! The best organisation of space. Comfortable, soothing and timeless.
Well done Joey!!!

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