Posted on Fri, 8 Aug 2008 by midcenturyjo

I’m out. I’m loud. I’m proud. I real estate stalk! Truth be told one of my favourite forms of exercise is to walk (stalk) the neighbourhood checking out homes. If the curtains aren’t drawn and the door open even better 🙂 Today’s stalk is a church conversion in Sydney. This is one apartment but although beautiful it leaves me a little puzzled as to why they thought they had to maximise floor space while losing the majesty of full height windows. (Developer vs. designer?) The light well cut outs seem a little “twee”. Still if someone bought it for me I wouldn’t complain.


Jeannine says:

If you’re interested in another church conversion, there was one in my old neighborhood, Coolidge Corner in Brookline, MA (basically Boston, a stone’s throw from Fenway Park). I wish I could remember the street name…when I saw it happening, I dreamed of putting a bedroom behind the huge, round, stain glass window that was over the main entrance.

Jeannine says:

Follow up: I found the condos…but they aren't nearly as pretty as the one you profiled.

Here's a story in the Boston Globe about them:

And a listing from a real estate website (the pictures are kind of sad):

Anonymous says:

The church is beautiful but I think they’ve rather spoiled the space by splitting it into two levels. Those ceilings look pretty low…though there does still seem to be quite a lot of light coming in… methinks it was a case of the developer trying to cram a few extra flats in to make maximum $$$, which is such a Sydney thing to do. Sigh.

furniture says:

The framing arond that one window is very interesting and cool.

Ace says:

Boo on the split level it feels awkward and overly modern. Church conversions should speak for themselves rather than rely on a heavy redo. There’s a renovated church in my parents town of Aurora NY thats lovely and little was done to it. I would love to live in an old church. There’s one here in JP in Boston that I’ve always got my eye on.

Anonymous says:

i think they violated the space, horribly!

slosydney says:

I drive by this place often and used to lust after it…until I saw the photos when it was up for sale. I was SO disappointed at the conversion. It’s just all wrong. So sad 🙁

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